The World of Tuts

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Adobe Creative Cloud, which came into being in October 2011, uses a software subscription method which means you purchase and download the products over the Internet. Because of this instant method of updating the software, you always have the latest … Continued

Art Show

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I recently entered some of my photographs into an art show, something I’ve been pondering for a while. I have a boatload of photos and it’s been bothering me about what to do with them. Letting them sit on my … Continued

Lost in Translation

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Like a lot of photographers, I see – and show – my photographs in a digital form, in other words, on screen. Just recently however, I’ve had a yen to show some of them in art shows, craft fairs, etc. … Continued

Adobe is a Building Material

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Trying to master the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications is a full time project for probably the rest of your life. This is the suite that has Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Dreamweaver and 19 more! You may not live long … Continued

Things to do

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Need something to do for the rest of your life? Become proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps. Stick around and I’ll show you how I’ve been spending my time.