Fellowship Square is aware of the threat to our ‘high risk’ population of older adults. The health and safety of our residents and staff is always our primary concern. Fellowship Square is an “independent living” facility and therefore relies upon the cooperation of its residents in jointly combating this dissimilar virus pandemic.

We are taking an aggressive and pro-active approach to respond to the outbreak’s progression. We have assembled a ‘Crisis Task Force’ to implement necessary policies and procedures to keep our communities as safe as possible, and to devise effective communication with our residents and their loved ones.

Working together with our property management company, S.L. Nusbaum, we have taken the following actions, and there are additional Informational COVID-19 links on our ‘Resources’ page:

  • Signage at all entrances requesting ‘high risk’ visitors refrain from entering the building (those that show symptoms of illness, have recently traveled overseas, on a cruise ship, etc.).
  • Cleaning protocols including frequent sanitizing of common areas.
  • Hand sanitizer and Lysol hand wipes available in higher-traffic areas.
  • Encouraging and re-enforcing approved safe-health practices among our residents such as coughing/sneezing into elbows (NOT hands), refraining from handshaking, staying in if they feel sick, etc.
  • Posting CDC ‘Fact Sheets for the Public’ on all floors and in bathrooms – in all languages spoken in our communities.
  • Providing health resources and notices regarding what to do should a resident fall ill.
  • Distributing flyers, newsletters and electronic correspondence about the virus, and ways to stay safe on a continual basis.

We have cancelled all non-essential activities and programs until further notice; bus trips are limited for medical and food-supply purposes ONLY. We remain on high alert and continue to monitor news and other viable sources of information