Nearly a decade ago, webclearly llc began as a website development and design company.  A few years into this endeavor, our clients requested additional services that complimented and expanded their website into other areas critical for the success of their work. We opened our professional toolbox of existing skills in writing, photography, and graphics. We added communications strategy and, specifically for nonprofits, fundraising expertise. When a client asked for a short video, we were up for the task. As Bob says “So much to learn, so much to do.”

webclearly offers these services:

  • Website that is uniquely yours. We work closely with you to provide exactly the features and look you prioritize within your budget and schedule.  Your website should be your statement and reflect your unique offering; not an already completed template where you fit what you have to say and show potential visitors into a one-size-fits-all page.
  • Writing is the centerpiece of saying what it is you do and how. You could talk for hours about your business. Wrangling all those thoughts into clear, grammatically correct, and logically arranged text can best be done by someone with a bit of distance. Combine writing with proofreading and the resulting professionalism of your message can’t miss.    
  • Graphics are critical in how you present yourself whether they are on your website or your print and online pieces. Like the pitfall of using generic stock photographs, be memorable by having high quality photographs of your own.